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It's been awhile!  

My trip home this past weekend was exactly what I needed - time well spent with friends and family.

But it left little time to get new content up, so here we are, breaking the silence halfway through the week,

I will have some new stuff up next week that I'm very excited about, so stay tuned!  And in the meantime, I've got some good books to share today...

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Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll - Ani has the perfect life.  She has an enviable magazine job in New York City, an increasingly tiny body, and a hot, not to mention rich, fiance.  She also hides a dark history in the form of her past life, as TifAni (do not get me started on the random capitalization of her name - it drove me insane).  As Ani's wedding approaches, her past begins to creep up on her in the form of a documentary being made about the "big event".  She starts to unravel, piece by piece.  I had some serious problems with this book, mostly that Ani is "faking" her life through expensive clothes and crash diets, but when she has what she always wanted - money, a hot fiance, a jealousy-inducing job, she is never happy or satisfied.  What is her end game?  Regardless of my problems, I enjoyed the book, thought it was well-written, and an interesting look at the pressures put on women today to "have it all".

The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz - Maybe it's because I read the original Millennium trilogy so long ago.  Maybe it's because Stieg Larsson died and a new author took over.  Maybe it's because this story just wasn't as good.  Whatever it was, The Girl in the Spider's Web didn't grab me the way the previous novels did.  The story felt too familiar and unoriginal.  I will say that Lagercrantz perfectly captured Larsson's writing style.  However, he didn't capture whatever it is that made me devour the first three books in the series.  

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn  - I unabashedly love Gillian Flynn.  Gone Girl is fantastic and Dark Places is truly one of the most disturbing stories I've ever read.  And because of all that, I was really excited for The Grownup, which I thought was a new novel (spoiler: it's not.  It's an older short story - only 65 pages.).  Our unnamed narrator works giving handjobs in the back room of Spiritual Palms, a psychic.  She eventually begins reading people's auras and is brought on to "cleanse" a woman's old Victorian home.  This is where her plan for some casual defrauding of a wealthy woman to make herself some money goes awry.  She begins to think that the house is in fact haunted.  This story is short, smart, and really, really funny.  


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