Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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LL Bean Cotton Ragg Camp Socks - My wool sock game is on point.  I'm talking a dozen pairs.  Cozy as hell.  I added these when I had a $10 LL Bean gift card to use, which made them $5/pair.  You really can't do better than that.  Result: Kept.

Adelyn Rae Chiffon Maxi Dress - I'm in a wedding next December in the Caribbean (woohoo!) and the bride has asked us to wear white bridesmaid dresses, which is proving harder to find than I expected.  I bought this dress when it went on sale, hoping that I'd find the one and be done with a cool eleven months to spare.  Unfortunately, the dress was too princessy for my taste, and although it was listed as "white", it was definitely more of a cream color.  Result: Returned.

Lands' End Cotton Shaker Funnelneck Sweater - Well, you've already seen me in it, so you know it was a keeper.  I added this to my bag when buying DT's birthday gifts and it has been a great addition to my closet.  You can't go wrong with a neutral sweater in a sturdy knit.  Result: Kept.

Loeffler Randall Minetta Tall Boot - My wishlist this year included black heeled boots that weren't riding boots.  When these went on major, major sale (I'm talking 80% off retail) I grabbed them and am glad I did.  While they are narrow (I should've gone up a size), I can wear them with regular or thin socks and tuck them into denim just fine.  The heel height is taller than I'm used to, but still comfortable enough to wear all day as long as I'm not walking miles.  They're sleek and really beautiful in person.  Result: Kept.

LL Bean Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater in Marl - How many of these fisherman sweaters have I bought this year only to return?  At least two.  They are cut too high for my liking and the knits have been too stiff.  While I loved the marl pattern, this sweater was lacking the cozy factor that I need.  Result: Returned.


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