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Springtime Blush

I've been back in Boston for one month today.  This time in April, DT and I spent the day in a U-Haul, making our way north in a stuffed to the gills truck.  And today, I'm sitting in a cafe, thinking back on all that's happened in the past month.

My job hunt is over - I'm employed and starting work next Tuesday.

The apartment hunt is over - we signed our lease yesterday on a great apartment in the South End.

After living like nomads for the past few weeks, I'm finally starting to feel settled.  Knowing that I won't be carrying my life around in a duffel bag soon is serious relief.

And I'm having so much fun exploring the city.  I met up with Maggie Main my first week here for a photo session and shooting at the Boston Public Library was the perfect way to spend a morning.
Since that first week, I've bumped around Brighton/Allston, Cambridge, the South End, Back Bay, and the Financial District.  I'm getting my bearings and it feels like home.

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