White's In

Sweater: Old Navy (similar); Jeans: J. Crew Factory; Sandals: Go Jane (similar); Bag: Target; Necklace: Very Jane (similar); Belt: Banana Republic (current version); Shades: Ray Ban

What is it about three day weekends that allow you to do absolutely everything you want to do and then still have a bunch of free time for yourself?

If every weekend was a three day one, I would be epically more productive.  I'm talking novel-writing, from-scratch baking, Pinterest-worthy organizing productive.

Alas, I usually only have two measly days which is just enough time to have fun, recover, and then start to relax right before you have to get back to the work week.

This is why we're losing, America.  


  1. Hello gorgeous model! Love me some black and white!! :)

    I may still be mourning the long weekend lol


  2. I totally agree - we need more 3 day weekends... like every week lol loving the black & white and that handbag from Target is a great find!

  3. That simple necklace is perfection!

  4. Thanks, Kristin! It's my new go-to.

  5. I would kill for a 3 day weekend every week. Definitely going to start lobbing for that at work, I'm sure it'll go over well :)

  6. I'm always mourning the long weekend! Need more, now!


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