Recent Purchases

I've cut back on shopping, which may or may not be related to the fact that my outfit posts have seriously fallen by the wayside.  My wallet is definitely happier!  That said, I have bought some staples lately, hoping for the best.

Recent Purchases
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Vitamin A Black EcoLuxe Neutra Bikini Top - When I went through and tried on all my bathing suits this spring, it was an adventure.  I got rid of two bikini tops I had had since high school.  That was a problem.  In need of new tops, I saw this one at Shopbop and decided to go for it when everything was 25% off.  This top is super soft and comfortable material that moves with you, not against you.  It's stylish without being over the top.  And it's black, which means it matches all my bottoms.  Result: Kept.

J.O.A. Openwork Pullover - Fringe is/was everywhere lately, so I jumped on the bandwagon, but in a slightly understated way.  I wasn't going full-up sueded fringe all over the place, but thought a nice white pullover would be enough.  Even this was too much for me.  The sweater itself was really soft, but I juts couldn't do the fringe thing.  Not for me.  Result: Returned (sold out, similar here, here, and here).

London Fog Hooded Double Breasted Trench Coat - How I survived this long without a real, adult trench coat is beyond me.  I finally splurged (when it was on sale) on this London Fog beauty because let's face it, Burberry is not in my budget.  This jacket is ideal because it's waterproof (wtf is up with "raincoats" that aren't?), it had a detachable hood, and the length is ideal.  It's a good thing I bought this when I did because May was one endless rainstorm.  Result: Kept.

Blank Denim Vegan Pull On Leggings - Continuing my hunt for leather or lookalike leggings, this pair had been on my radar for quite awhile.  The review were outstanding, so it was promising.  For me, this pair was really close to perfect, but they weren't quite there.  Getting them on was a bit too much trouble and while the fit was pretty good, it wasn't great.  Back to the start.  Result: Returned.

The Aditi Dress in Modern Houndstooth - Earlier in the spring, I went to a pop-up that MM LaFleur was hosting at the Jefferson Hotel.  Skip over there on a lunch break, drink some prosecco, try on pretty was great.  I bought this dress because I loved it and also would've felt bad if I hadn't bought anything, but was planning on returning it because it's really too expensive.  But when it was delivered, I brought it home and tried it on again and loved it even more.  So, here I am, wallet slightly lighter, but work wardrobe at the top of its game.  Result: Kept. (sold out, but available in solids here.)


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