Boom - blogging two days in a row!

I look super impressed with myself.

Now, I know it's August and the Nordstrom sale just wrapped and you're all super excited for fall fashion.  I am too.  But, summer is far from over.

Plus, layering isn't only for fall.  Summer layering is a thing.  Assuming it's not in the nineties with wicked bad humidity (Boston is infiltrating my writing).

So toss that light sweater on over your dress.  

Rock your gold hoops.

And continue to have that black hair elastic ruin a perfectly good outfit photo shoot.

Summer is here, but it won't last forever.  Get in those light layers while you can.

Dress: Old Navy (similar); Sweater: Cotton Addiction (similar); Bag: Target (similar); Sandals: Splendid (super similar); Shades: Ray Ban; Earrings: Aldo


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