Summer Classic

I know we're living in a post-Labor Day world, but I'm not ready to give up summer.

And you know the weather isn't either.  Chances are, here in Boston we'll have a heatwave in mid to late September.  And let's not forget that I got married barefoot and sleeveless on the beach here in October last year.

There are a few fall things I'm on board with.  Chunky sweaters, for one.  And tall boots.  And leather jackets.

But in non-sartorial things, I'm very into the whole back-to-school mode.  Freshly sharpened pencils, empty notebooks waiting to be filled.  No matter how old I get (shout-out to my fellow 31-year-olds!), I still love that newness that September brings.

Hopefully this year, that means getting back into a routine.  I just had my 3-month mark at my new job, we're settled into our apartment, and I've got a grasp on walking all around town.  But I need to get back into a regular workout schedule, eating right, and making time to blog.  All of those things have lapsed lately, but luckily, I was always a good student.  :)

Dress: Iris & Ink (50% off!); Sandals: M. Gemi; Tote: Old Navy (sueded version - would be great for fall!); Hoops: Aldo; Shades: Ray Ban


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