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Well, we're a bit behind on recent purchases around here.  Luckily, moving, job-hunting, and briefly being the sole breadwinner don't lead to a ton of shopping, so we don't have too much of a backlog to work through.

Let's start with a big Asos haul - really two or three (or even 4) packages worth of goodies.  Some goodies, some not-so-goodies,

Recent Purchases
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Asos Gold Plated Sterling Silver Square Choker Necklace - I'm gravitating towards dainty pieces lately rather than big statements and a simple, chic necklace like this has been ideal.  I wear it as loose as I can, so it's not so much a choker as a collarbone-grazing necklace.  It's so easy that I often forget I'm ever wearing it! Result: Kept.

Asos Slim Leg Crop Pant - In the market for work pants with a saggy bum?  You hit the jackpot!  I'm sort of kidding.  The fit on these was not great for me, but ever body is different - maybe they'll work for you!  Result: Returned.

Asos 180 Denier Velvet Touch Tights - These are still in the packaging, but I always buy a couple of pairs of tights from Asos for the cold weather.  They're inexpensive, they're pretty good quality, and they're super soft to the touch.  Result: Kept.

Asos Ultimate Ribbed Midi Tank Dress with Raw Edge - Man, sometimes Asos is so good and sometimes they are so bad.  Take this dress for example:  super thin, sheer, chintzy material that looks unfinished (and not in a cool "raw edge" way) and fits like a little boy's tank top.  Needless to say.  Result: Returned.

Seafolly Mesh About Mesh About High Cut Brazilian Bikini Bottom - Seafolly is one of those brands I always mean to try and never do, until now!  These bottoms were on sale and I'm really glad I grabbed them.  The material is super comfortable and feels really good on.  They're cute bottoms that I like to pair with a few different tops.  Definitely a winner.  Result: Kept.

Asos Midi Wrap Dress with Tie Detail - Will I ever learn?  This cut of dress never looks good on me.  Too floaty, too feminine.  And seriously the most unflattering sleeve length on me.  And yet, I keep buying them expecting different results.  Unfortunately, this wasn't the dress that changed it all.  That said, it was really beautiful and if you can pull off this type of thing, go for it!  Result: Returned.

Asos Sundress in Stripe with Contrast Straps and Rope Belt - Everything was wrong with this dress.  The fabric, the cut, the color, the stripes, the length, the rope belt.  All of it.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Result: Returned.

Asos Sweater with Rib and Sporty Mesh Detail - Things I thought this sweater would be: sporty and cute.  Things I didn't think it would have: a weird drawstring bag on the front.  Result: Returned.

Asos Contrast Stripe Navy Long Sleeve Tee and Short Pajama Set - Pajamas should be soft and comfortable.  It should feel good to put them on and crawl into bed.  Pajamas should not be rough, unpleasant cotton.  As cute as these were, comfort comes first. Result: Returned.

Asos Lounge Knitted Dress with Elasticated Waist - Talk about cozy.  This dress has so many of my favorite things.  The color gray.  A turtleneck.  An elastic waist.  Long sleeves.  I almost (almost!) can't wait for cooler weather so I can bust this out. Result: Kept.

Asos High Waist Longerline Pencil Skirt - Obsessed with this skirt.  I love the color, the longer length, the cut, the fabric, everything about it.  It's a sexier pencil skirt.  I'll be pairing this with oversized chunky knits come winter.  Result: Kept.

Asos Shell Top in Clean Ponte Rib - I can't do boxy.  I keep trying, but my bust is too large and makes the shape simply not work on me.  That said, I loved this fabric and color.  Really wish this would've worked.  Result: Returned.

adidas Originals White & Black Snake Print Superstar Unisex Sneakers - As cute as these are, I had to send them back.  adidas works best when it's simple.  The snake print that I thought would be so fun, really just was too much.  Plain black & white would have been the way to go.  Next time, I'll know. Result: Returned.


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