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I know the Nordstrom anniversary sale started way back in July, but it feels good to have this go up on the first day of September.  September will always be back to school month for me, no matter how long I've been out of school.  It makes me start thinking of turning leaves, crisp mornings, and fall fashion.  So bring on the layers and the textures and the neutral colors!  As I plan my Labor Day pool party :)
Recent Purchases

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Halogen Owen Pointy Toe Ghillie Flats - Nude flats had been on my list forever and I decided to try these ones out.  They're a bit showier than what I would normally grab, but I like the lace-up and the color is perfect - somewhere just in between nude and blush.  And most importantly, they are comfortable and I can walk in them all day.  These will be getting lots of wear this season.  Result: Kept.

BaubleBar Looking Glass Drop Earrings - I'm still in love with statement earrings.  This pair looked sort of art deco, I liked the white combined with metal, and thought they might work for my reception dress.  When they came, they were just as beautiful in person, but the bad news is that they were really, really heavy.  I wore them around my apartment for ten or fifteen minutes and my lobes were already feeling it.  Sad to see them go, but it had to be done.  Result: Returned. (Sold out, similar here.)

BLANKNYC Easy Rider Faux Leather Moto Jacket - My tan leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces and I want it to have a friend!  Seriously, I've been searching for the perfect black leather jacket for what feels like forever.  This one was priced so low and looked so beautiful, I had really high hopes.  Unfortunately, it was less Parisian chic and more Thriller.  The collar was enormous and made me look absurd.  That said, the quality of the faux leather was really good, so if you like to go a little bigger with your look than I do, I would give this jacket a try.  Back to the drawing board.  Result: Returned.

Phase 3 Double Banded Wool Fedora - I love hats and for whatever reason, my head was made for them.  For the past few years, I've had my eye out for a cool, sort of floppy, big brimmed wool hat.  I pictured myself drinking wine surrounded by foliage while wearing this fictional hat.  And finally, that dream will come true.  Yes, it's a little big on my child's size head, but that's ok.  The color if good, the shape is great, the brim is the perfect mix of structure and flop.  I'm ready for that wine now.  Result: Kept. (Sold out, similar.)

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings - Grace over at The Stripe has raved about these leggings many times, so when I saw them during the sale, I added them to my cart immediately.  As soon as they arrived, I knew what she was talking about.  Be warned, they are Spanx, so they took me some shimmying to get on (I bought my regular size), but once they were on, they looked incredible.  They're a little shimmery without being shiny.  They really do compress and suck everything in (this is my first experience with anything Spanx), so your butt will look great,  And the inside is super soft, so they are really comfortable to wear and will be warm!  Result: Kept.


  1. Such great fall picks!!! I want another pair of lace up flats so badly! Yay for fall weather slowly creeping in!



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