Four on Thursday

I know, I know, I've been a bad little blogger.  Unfortunately for both of us, I don't have a good excuse.  Life has been hectic, with visitors almost every weekend, but I really need to make more of an effort to get on here and post.  All my my favorite blogs update regularly (if not daily!) and I should try to do the same.   That said, I did manage to do a little apartment cleaning (though not enough) and watch "Sleeping Beauty" with Emily Browning (skip it unless you love love love artsy films) and "Fish Tank" (watch it.  I cannot speak highly enough of Michael Fassbender, in this and everything else).  But let's get to the real reason you're here:

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Straw Canteen Bag, $158

Refinery 29 beat me to the punch yesterday, but didn't have this option, so I'm showing it to you all anyway!  Everyone, rightly, is obsessed with Marc Jacobs.  This is slightly more expensive than what I'd spend on a bag, especially one that can only be used during the spring/summer, but I love everything about it so I may have to splurge.  Or wait for the knockoff version to pop up.  Straw, neon, crossbody.  Sign me up!

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Gap Striped Feather Headband, on sale $7.99

Hair is not my strong suit.  Particularly when getting ready in the morning.  Therefore, I am always on the lookout for accessories that can make my less than perfect 'do look more pulled together.  This headband is a fun, unexpected piece and at this price?  No question.

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Forever21 Pleated Shorts with Bow Belt, $22.80

Shorts are my go-to on summer days.  As much as I love a good sundress, I tend to be pretty active, so shorts are the way to go.  These are a bit more dressed up than your usual cotton chinos, plus you get a fancy belt included with them.  I'm digging the green, but they also come in cream.

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Asos Max C Trench in Coral, on sale $63.63

Now that spring has sprung (sorry, worst phrase ever), I've been on the lookout for a spring jacket, which is harder than it should be.  This might be the one as its light enough that you won't sweat in it, but tailored enough to help you look put together.  Bonus points for the flared skirt so you look dressed up even before you take the coat off to reveal whatever fabulous outfit you have underneath.  Extra bonus for the color, because isn't coral universally the most flattering on your skin?


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