Life Update: Boston, You're My Home

During my twenties, I floated along.  After college graduation, I floated on home.  After about a year, I floated down to DC to follow a boy.  I fell into a job and stayed, out of loyalty perhaps, but also out of complacency to some extent.

There wasn't any planning or intention behind any of my decisions.  From the outside, it looked perfect.  I had a reliable job, a great relationship, a fun group of friends.  Inside, I was full of doubt and uncertainty.  As much fun as I was having, DC wasn't home, and I was often resentful of that fact.  After my dad died, those feelings only increased.  What was I doing with my life?  That entire year afterwards is still a blur in my mind.

When I finally came out of that haze, I took a step back and starting making intentional decisions.  As cliche as it sounds, life was too short. I accepted that I was in DC for the time being, however long that was, and I decided to make the best of it.  Taking that breath of fresh air was what I needed.  I started taking better care of myself, exploring more of my neighborhood, getting into a routine, meeting new people.  And of course, as soon as I did that, I felt better.  I was happier.  No, DC wasn't home, but it was somewhere special and there was value to being there.

Early this year, we found ourselves at a crossroads where we could stick things out in Washington or we could do something scary and exciting by moving home.  With no hesitation, I said, "Let's do it."  And a few short weeks later, here we are.  Jobless, living with family, and happier than can be.  

Things will fall into place.  They always do.  We'll find jobs.  We'll get our own apartment.  We'll decorate and try to keep plants alive and have a housewarming party.  We'll get settled by making new routines, finding that perfect little coffee shop, meeting new friends.  We'll learn the bus routes and which shortcuts to take home.  We'll shoot down to Westport or up to Maine for summer weekends.  We'll curse the T and rush hour traffic.  We'll build our lives here. 

Boston, it's really good to see you again. 


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