Four on Thursday

Four Seasons.  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Four Loko.  It jsut seems like the right number to have for my new weekly post.  "Thursday Threesome" was a little too alliterative for my taste.  Also, people googling that phrase probably would be disappointed when they got this instead. 

Anyway, every Thursday (the fourth day of the work week, would ya look at that) I'll post the four things I've found in the course of my online shopping that week that I've found myself wanting most.  Let's kick things off.

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J. Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk in Neon Azalea $98

I know this blouse has been out forever, but I'm still obsessed with it, especially in this bright pink, which is perfect for spring and summer.  Gotta wait for this bad boy to go on sale though.  Swoon.

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Old Navy Striped Canvas Tote in Nautical $14.94

Technically, I already bought this and am waiting for it to arrive, but I thought I'd share it anyway.  I am a huge believer in the summer canvas tote bag.  My closet is full of too many of them already, but I loved this one because of the nautical stripes and the leather straps.  This one will get plenty of use.

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Forever 21 Loose Stripes Top in Neon Yellow/Cream $14.80

Neon is still a huge trend and this shirt is a great easy way to add it to your wardrobe.  It's casual, but still a little bit sexy.  Perfect for a weekend outing.  You can layer a cami underneath or be a little more scandalous and have a cute bra show through.  I've got a hot pink bra that I think would work perfectly.  Or is that too much? Neon on neon fashion crime?

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Adrianna Papell Belted Matte Jersey Sheath Dress in Electric, on sale $78.90, Nordstrom

 This is how I wish I dressed for work.  The shape and belt keep it professional enough for the office, but the color is super fun.  Someday I will be a real professional person who dresses appropriately. 


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