Wrapper's Delight

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I spent most of my younger days as a cynic and wrote off Valentine's day as a "Hallmark Holiday".  I still do a little bit.  Senior year of college, DT and I had been spending a lot of time together, but nothing was official.  Then he asked me out on our first date... on Valentine's Day.  "Seriously?" I thought as I rolled my eyes at his text (yes, text.  Kids these days).  But I acquiesced.  I wore all black as a silent protest of the holiday I loathed.  Black sequins, but black. 

Despite my hesitations and negative attitude towards the day, we had a great time.  We learned a lot about each other and discovered that we enjoyed each other's company, even outside of the comfort of a raucous townhouse party.  And we're still learning about each other today.  I only just found out this past weekend after chiding DT for missing the exit to the restaurant  that night, that he did so because he was nervous. 

We're now spending our 5th Valentine's Day together.  Still slightly cynical, we're spending a low-key night at home.  I'm making lasagna, DT's in charge of beverages, and that's about it.  Although he is getting one of his birthday presents early. 

I bought some sweet wrapping paper.

It's reversible!  How crazy is that!?

Here's to a happy and healthy Valentine's Day.  Single, newly coupled, married for years, I hope you all have a wonderful day and night celebrating whatever it is that you love.



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