Friday's Fancies: Project Polka Dot

As we have learned, I never met a polka dot I didn't like.  Hence, my love of this week's Friday's Fancies.  

This blouse is gorgeous and fun, so I decided to style it two ways.  Now (on the left), while its still freakishly cold out, and later (on the right), for when spring finally kicks into gear.

Project Polka Dot

Project Polka Dot by smartificial featuring river island shoes

Weekend!  I hope to get super organized this weekend in a plethora of ways, including but not limited to job searching, apartment cleaning, and blogging.

Maybe throw in a trip to Union Market and/or seeing a movie.

Has anyone seen Spring Breakers?  It's on the top of my list.  Or maybe The Company You Keep.

What are your plans?  The weather might even be nice!


  1. Loveee this! That polka dot shirt is surprising so versatile! And I'm dying to see Spring Breakers this weekend too :)

  2. love the jeans and the polka dot blouse - I used the same exact top in my FF post!! (p.s. check out my latest giveaway!

  3. Thanks, Emily! Love that we used the same blouse - it was too cute to pass up!



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