True & Co.

Let's talk about boobs.


I heard about True & Co. a few weeks ago and decided to give it a go.

You create an account and then answer a super intense questionnaire all about your breasts, your bras, and everything related to that.

Next, you pick out up to 10 items to be sent to you to try on.  With bras, you pick 3 and they will send you an additional 2 expert picks.  There's also underwear, shapewear, and pajamas.

The cost?  A completely refundable $45.  You only pay for what you decide to keep. 

Did I mention there's free shipping and return shipping?

I received my box yesterday.  I just opted for the 5 bras as it was my first go.  Here's what was in it:

Gossamer Mesh in Nude, $46 (My Pick)

Simple, smooth, and nude.  Basically the perfect wear with everything bra.  This one I opted to keep.

Feel Good in Black, $45 (My Pick)

Although I loved the feel of the material and the look of it, the padding (I think it was air) was just too much for me.  Returned.

Kisses in Midnight, $68 (Expert Pick)

I loved the dark blue color, but this came in a size that was just a bit too big for me.  If the cups had fit me better, I would've kept it, but unfortunately, it was also returned.

Lotus Edge in Nude, $66 (My Pick)

Hands down, my favorite of the bunch.  It's gorgeous, feels amazing, and fit me perfectly.  This was a keeper, no questions asked.

Nicole in Black, $45 (Expert Pick)

This may be the perfect black bra.  It has smooth cups, a lace band, and detachable straps so it can turn into a halter, one-shoulder, or strapless.  Also a keeper.

Bra shopping is not something I enjoy doing so this seemed like the best option for me.  I was incredibly happy with the service and the products I was sent.  My one minor complaint is that it did take almost two weeks for my box to come, but it was shipping from California, so I'll cut them some slack.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend using True & Co.  It's more money than I've spent on bras in the past, but these are certainly great quality and will be worth the cost.

And no, this is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share my experience with you!


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