For Your (Weekend) Consideration

In the continuing whirlwind summer tour, I'm heading to Charlottesville for the weekend.  My plans mostly include food, wineries, and perhaps some pool time.  There are worse things I could be doing.  Enjoy whatever you're up to and you better be watching the World Cup finals!

This is the best thing I've read in a long time.  Hilarious and spot on.  More please.

I love this idea.  Freedom in childhood leads to creativity, independence, and a bold imagination.  These are not bad things.

Speaking of imagination, my parents instilled a love of movies in me and made sure that good movies were a big part of my childhood.  Entertainment Weekly has a list of what you should be showing your kids.  

Such a fascinating look at how females use the word "slut".  It's not based on what you'd expect.

And I'm off!  


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