Four on Thursday

1 //  I'm wearing head to toe white today, so it's safe to say I'm a fan.  I love this laser cut top (also available in black).  It's perfect for summer, can be worn with almost anything, and fits for any occasion.  

2 //  This necklace is great.  It's a little preppy, a little nautical, and a lot of fun.

3 //  Another striped dress?  I can't help myself.  The color combination is not your average pairing and the rope belt adds some nice definition to the waistline.  

4 //  Yes, I've still got white sandals on the brain.  The simplicity of this pair is what grabbed me.  Easy, clean lines and a chunky heel are exactly what I'm looking for.

As always, you can find these picks, as well as many, many more on my Pinterest Wish List page.


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