Four on Thursday

1 //  Normally, I don't go for rucheing (ruching? anyone), but I'm making an exception in the case of this adorable and super comfortable-looking tee dress.  It comes in both black and white and looks like it would solve every weekend case of the nothing-to-wears.  The genius comes in its simplicity.

2 //  Speaking of simplicity, these sandals have that in spades.  A great neutral color and a manageable heel are two things that I'm always on the lookout for.  That price isn't half bad either.

3 //  My yellow canvas tote gets its share of use (last seen here and here), so I can only imagine the damage I would do to a white one, but I just love everything about this bag.  The leather trim and white canvas are a perfect combination for a great summer bag.

4 //  Ready or not, sweater season is coming.  Those cool summer nights where you can still wear shorts, but pull on a cozy sweater are some of my favorites.  This Vince sweater looks like a great transition piece as we move into fall.  I'm not trying to rush things, it's just happening.


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