For Your (Weekend) Consideration

My weekend is wide open, with no mandatory obligations.  After all my recent traveling, that is a very welcome thing. My plan is to read, lay by the pool, clean, and do some cooking.  It's all very domestic of me.

Next weekend starts back up with all the big, fun, exciting things!
Nordstrom's anniversary sale is now open to everyone and not just those magical fairies with cards.  I did some damage.

Who is really fighting against marijuana legalization?

Related: the racial and economic implications of legalization.

One actress's stance against the media's portrayal of violence towards women.

I love the blog Tomboy Style.  My love grew exponentially with this post.

Immigration.  Here's a different take on the "border kids".

Despite all the conservatives' ranting, the Affordable Care Act is working!

I used to read Television Without Pity religiously and when it got shut down, I basically started internet-stalking all of my favorite writers from it so that I could find out where they would continue writing.  Amazingly, Gawker started a tv page called Morning After and my very favorite of the TWoP writers, Jacob Clifton, is working for them.  For a hilarious and awesome taste of why he is my favorite, please read all about Sookie Stackhouse's erotic journey.

Have a lovely weekend!


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