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My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante - Elena and Lila are best friends, growing up together in the same small village just outside of Naples.  My Brilliant Friend is the first in a series of four books exploring their relationship, the people surrounding them, and how they react to the changing world.  Beautiful, smart, and truly a joy to read, pick this up immediately if you haven't already.

Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis - Maren has a bit of a problem.  When people are affectionate with her, she is affectionate back...and then some.  See, Maren is so affectionate that she eats people right up, literally.  After her mother leaves her, exhausted from the constant moving and struggle to keep Maren safe, Maren sets out on her own, in search of her father.  During her travels, she meets other eaters and discovers an entire population of people like her.  While the premise sounds dark, the story is oddly sweet.

Pretty Girls by Karen Slaughter - Decades ago, Claire and Lydia's sister went missing.  Her disappearance tore their family apart, which each family member dealing with it in their own way.  When Claire's husband is murdered in an alley right in front of her, it opens the door to brand new horrors for all of them.  Here's the deal - this book is well-written, well-paced, and a hell of a story, but oh my god is it graphic.  Every single horrific abuse you can imagine takes place and all are described down to the smallest detail.  Be warned.


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