Packing in Stripes

I was headed north for a quick trip in early June and thought I'd share my packing tips with you!

1.  Pick a color scheme and stick to it.  I obviously went with white and navy, with some other blues thrown in.  This way, everything matches and can be mixed together, which drastically increases the number of outfits you have with you.

2.  Think in layers.  I pack in outfits, but I'm sure to have layering options for each one.  I start with a base, like jeans and a tank, but add either a long-sleeve tee or a sweater as an option to wear on top if it's chilly.

3.  I just mentioned this, but pack in outfits.  It has been the biggest gamechanger in packing for me.  I plan my outfits around a) how many days I'll  be away and b) what the activities are.  For this trip, I needed casual clothes, beach clothes, and wedding attire.  As I said, everything can mix and match, so even though I only had two bottoms (white denim and a pair of navy shorts), I was able to make plenty of outfits from them.

4.  Use a duffel (if it's comfortable for you to carry).  I love this weekender I snagged at Target last year and use it for all my summer travel.  I find that it fits more than my suitcase, is easy to carry, and always has just a little extra room if you end up shopping.


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