Recent Purchases

I should probably start by saying that I'm in a wedding in St. Maarten in December and the bride has requested we wear white bridesmaid dresses.  Hence, all the white dresses.

Recent Purchases

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Asos Splice Shoulder Drape Front Dress - This dress looked cool: all drapey and sophisticated.  On me, it looked, let's say, slightly different.  Loose and baggy and not at all flattering.  Disappointing to say the least.  Result: Returned.

Asos Stripe Print Rope Waist Deep Plunge Swimsuit - This is the year I return to the one-piece.  It's been decided.  Not solely, but I want a cute one-piece.  This one hit all my favorites - black & white, stripes, even a rope belt!  Unfortunately, while it mostly fit, it rode too far up in the back.  I looked like a bootylicious Beetlejuice.  Result: Returned.

Ella Moss Bella Jersey Maxi Dress via Amazon - Why do designers make dresses, especially white dresses, that have zero lining?  There was no helping this one.  I put it on, it was completely see through.  No matter what style of nude underwear I tried, even with a slip, there was no hiding that my entire butt was out in the open for all to see.  Designers, do better.  Result: Returned.

Asos One Shoulder Cami Cowl Front Midi Crepe Dress - I had such high hopes!  But when I was trying this dress on and it took me a solid five minutes to figure out how to get that one shoulder draped around myself correctly, I knew it was a lost cause.  Result: Returned.

Asos Cowl Back Crepe Maxi Dress - I'd been eyeing this dress for a long time.  When it came, I was excited to try it on and have it be the one.  I put it on and it was... fine.  Just fine.  Te back was pretty, but the sleeves were a bit dowdy.  And that crepe material that Asos uses is officially not my favorite.  I'll be staying away from it in the future.  Result: Returned.

No luck!


  1. That swimsuit... LOVE it!! So sad it didn't work out. I've been searching for a once piece to get, too!!!



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