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Old Navy - killin' it lately.

Recent Purchases
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Linen Blend Shift Dress - I love a good linen shift in the summertime.  Which is why I have no many in my closet.  As a result, I'm pickier about what makes the cut now.  This dress was cute and the material was good, but it just didn't have that zing.  Definitely a good buy, but not something I need right now.  Result: Returned.

Distressed Boyfriend Denim Shorts - My denim cutoffs are probably too short for me now that I'm 30.  I joke, but only a little bit.  A longer length would get more wear from me, so I grabbed this pair.  Unfortunately, they were too big.  Next time, I'll go down a size.  Otherwise, they were quality denim and really comfortable.  Result: Returned.

Maxi Tank Dress - It took me quite awhile, but now I'm firmly on the maxi bandwagon.  I love their versatility.  Fancy or casual, just switch up your accessories.  When I saw this simple gray one, I knew it had to be mine.  The racerback is cute and sporty and the material is soft without totally losing its shape.  Result: Kept.

Classic Tall Faux-Leather Tote - That tan tote of mine gets a ridiculous amount of use (examples here, here, and here).  I needed a black version to mix it up and I knew it would also be a workhorse.  Again, the faux leather is super soft and supple, looking for more expensive than it truly is.  My only complaint is that this current version doesn't have a top zip, so the bag is always open.  Not a total dealbreaker, but a zipper would've been nice.  Old Navy, please take note.  Result: Kept.

Relaxed Racerback Tank - Somehow, I was lacking a gray tank top.  When I need a basic, I need a basic.  This tank is a great price, cotton, and a simple, classic shape.  It works for layering or on its own.  Simplicity is best.  Result: Kept.


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