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Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra - Strapless bras are a necessary evil, or so I thought.  I needed a new one for my wedding and had heard good things about Wacoal, so I gave this one a shot.  Thank god I did!  The fit is perfect, it doesn't slide down, and it's about as comfortable as a bra can get.  Result: Kept. 

Theory Parieom Stretch-Jersey Top - I've stayed away from the recent trend of high-neck halter tops because they give me mid-90s flashbacks, but this top from Theory has brought me around.  The material is super soft, the cut is flattering, and the peekaboo back is a cute detail.  Winner!  Result: Kept.

Wacoal Underwire Lace Contour Bra - Speaking of new bras, I'm trying to be better about replacing mine before they get completely unwearable or (true story) break in the middle of the day.  A nude t-shirt bra is a staple and Wacoal (again) makes a great one.  Smooth fabric lets your clothes lie nicely.  And the fit is fantastic.  Consider me a fan.  Result: Kept.

Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Crop Jeans - Let me tell you a secret:  high rise is AMAZING.  Like, mom jeans are magical.  I've spent far too much time pulling up my low or even mid-rise denim and I say no more!  These Levi's are perfect.  The high-rise is incredible, the "crop" actually hit my ankle at the perfect spot, and the denim itself has the ideal combination of structure and stretch.  Love these.  Result: Kept.

Norma Kamali Kamali Kulture Turtleneck Dress - Winter is coming.  This dress combines three of my favorite things: black, turtleneck, long sleeves.  It was a no-brainer.  The fit is nice, the fabric has plenty of stretch, and I see myself wearing this many times in the future.  Result: Kept.


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