The Weekly Wishlist

I hadn't done a wishlist since APRIL!

That really puts into perspective how nuts this spring/summer/fall have been.

But I'm ready for wishlists, particularly when they involve perfect neutral items for fall.
Weekly Wishlist

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The Stellato by M. Gemi, $198 - I've been majorly focusing on shoes lately.  I know we've all heard it before, but as long as your shoes are good, your outfit matters less.  Since I spend most days walking everywhere, I want to invest in some quality flats.  This pair looks gorgeous.  Definitely a bit of a splurge, but these would become staples.

Everlane The Chunky Wool Cardigan, $110 - Every impending winter, I struggle to remember how cold I am from December through March.  Then it hits and I remember.  Oh how I remember.  The solution, outside of never getting out from between my flannel sheets, is a solid chunky knit.  This cool salt & pepper color combination looks particularly cozy.

Banana Republic Long-Sleeve Striped Tee, $29.50 - Even with all the stripes I own, and you know there are many, I don't have a black & white long-sleeve striped tee.  Here's the perfect fix.

Lands' End Minnie Pump, $44.99 - I own these pumps in leopard print, so I can personally attest to their comfort and walkability.  This pair in charcoal make a great basic for work, but I keep looking at the merlot color too.  Jewel tones for the win.


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