Cardstore Review

I'm a sucker for stationary, thank you cards, and basically anything pretty that I can mail.

Receiving mail is a luxury these days.  Real, physical paper with actual handwriting on it?  Nuts, I know.

It's so much more personal and genuine to write someone a letter or send them a nice card.  Email is great, but it doesn't exactly scream "care package".

Cardstore is a great option if you're looking to send something unique and completely one of a kind.  Not only do they have a huge selection of pre-made cards and templates, but they also have lots of options where you can add your own photo to a card.  

Since my birthday was not too long ago, I had me some thank you cards to send.  I found this cute French one and knew it would be perfect to send to my mom.  We like to joke about how if you want to sound reallllly French, you have to mumble and not speak very clearly.  It's authentic that way.  Or we just like saying random phrases in French while sounding totally bored and unimpressed.

Anyway, this card was adorable, I loved the stripes, and it allowed me to add my own note at the bottom.

You can have your card sent directly to the recipient or it can go to you.  I opted to get the card myself so that I could sign it and then forward it.

If you're looking for cute cards (and who isn't this season?) definitely give Cardstore a chance.

*Cardstore offered me a free card in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own and it was a great experience that I definitely recommend.  Also, this was my first time being offered a product, so I think I'm a real blogger now.


  1. Yay congrats on the first blogger review! I recently got my first so my post will be up tomorrow - it's super exciting isn't it?? :D have a great week!

  2. This is SO cute-- I love Cardstore and am definitely planning on using them more in the future!

  3. Thanks Emily! I was really happy with them!


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