Four on Thursday

If you'll indulge me in some shameless self-promotion, I was lucky enough to be featured in CapFABB's Blogger Spotlight series yesterday, which you can find here.

It's very cool that DC has such a connected and supportive group of bloggers and super flattering that they even thought to include me in this series.

On to the clothes.


Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale is going on right now and you have to do some digging (there is a LOT of stuff), but there are some great deals, including this skirt by kensie.  The pleats, subtle A-line shape, and color are all simple and flattering.  It also comes in cobalt if you're feeling bold.


Another goodie from Nordstrom, I love this sweater.  From the front, its a simple, chic gray crewneck sweater, but from the back, well, it's more of a party.  I've been toying with ideas on how to style this and think it could be good on its own or with a patterned tee underneath to peek out.


Sweater dresses are my jam.  They're warm, they look great, and they're comfortable.  This high neck style from Zara is a great basic.  I'd wear it on its own with booties, as they styled it, or with a button-up layered underneath, tights, and tall boots.


My jewelry game falls by the wayside in colder weather.  These bracelets could bring it back.  You could wear the mixed metals all together or just one at a time.  These are simple and classic.  And basically free.

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  1. Yay loved your feature on CapFABB! Will I see you tonight at Blogger Scene?


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