Friday's Fancies: Sweater Weather


Long weekend!

I'm off to Pinehurst for the weekend to play some golf.

Just kidding - I'll be at the spa while the boys play golf.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with some good food and good friends.

Hope you enjoy the extra day off!

Friday's Fancies: Sweater Weather

Friday's Fancies: Sweater Weather by smartificial featuring stud earrings

If I can't run around in a bathing suit all day, I'll take sweater weather.  It's cozier and requires much less core work.

Chunky, slightly oversized knits are my favorite.  I like to pair them with a skinny pant, pointed toe flat, crossbody bag, and a fun accessory like these emerald studs.

Definitely opt for wool or cashmere blends.  They're the best quality and will keep you nice and toasty for these chilly fall nights.

Bundle up!

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  1. haha, i don't know if i could pull of those leather? leggings, but they look cute! great meeting you last night!

  2. First of all, it was fantastic to meet you in person last night. Second... THE SPA?! I'm one jealous girl over here.

    I love the sweaters too, the middle one has my name on it. I am just imagining being in that sweater with a glass of red next to the fire. Perfection!

  3. Maureen - so good to meet you last week! I just read your engagement story and it's so incredibly thoughtful and sweet! Let's get together again soon so I can see that ring in person!

  4. You could totally pull them off! Hope Vietnam is amazing and the weather isn't a factor for your trip!


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