Four on Thursday

Anyone else counting down the days until Thanksgiving?

It;s only two weeks away, which means I get to go home in two weeks minus three days.

Excitement is an understatement.

It's time to get away by going home.

And it doesn't hurt to have cute things to wear while you're at it.


Faux leather leggings have been on my wishlist since last fall.  I don't know if I could pull them off (or on for that matter), but I'm curious to try.  This pair from MICHAEL Michael Kors are good quality at a decent price.  If you're looking to spend less, Asos has some cute ones too.


I hate when the fashion world decides that something that's been around foreverrrr is now "on trend" and they're totally doing that with plaid right now.  As if we all haven't been wearing plaid since we stacking blocks in our playpens.  However, that little annoyance doesn't make me like plaid any less, especially this pencil skirt.  Bonus: Get an additional 30% off with code BIGSALE.


It's cold out and wrapping myself in a blanket is not a viable option to leave the house in, but a giant cardigan is.  The distinction is a small, but important one.  This sweater from Forever 21 looks super cozy, is slightly oversized, and has a great color palette that you can wear with basically everything you own.


'Tis the season for infinite holiday parties.  And what should you wear to these parties?  A great shoe, duh.  These pumps are a gorgeous shade of green (they also come in black), have an unexpected touch of gold on the heel, and are still a reasonable height.  Perfect party shoe.  You're welcome.

As always, you can find these items, along with several hundred other things, floating around on my Pinterest Wish List.

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  1. Totally agree with you on the subject of faux leather leggings: endlessly fascinated, not sure I can pull it off. I should probably start with actually trying some on, huh? What would you pair them with? I'm kind of literal when it comes to trying on clothes. I want to see exactly how it will look, especially with something like this.

  2. Ok, so I finally bought a pair and had them delivered to my parents' house, hoping they would arrive while I was there for Thanksgiving, but of course they didn't, so now I have to wait until Christmas to actually try them.

    Anyway, I also tend to be very literal about clothes/outfit combinations, so my plan for trying these on is as follows:

    1) with an oversized sweater and tall boots
    2)with a tunic length blouse and flats
    3) under some sort of dress that has yet to be determined

    I think if at least 2 out of 3 of these work, they will be a keeper.

    Keep you posted.


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