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I'm back!

After a few shots at this, I should know that despite my best blogging intentions, it just does not happen when I go home.

There's too many people to visit with, not enough sleep, and my blogger willpower goes out the window.

It's more fun to get away from the computer and spend my time with the cool kids offline.

Keith works in one of the towers.  He survives the attacks and finds himself on his ex-wife's doorstep.  They begin their life together anew, as if the estrangement never happened.

Florence is also a survivor.  Keith accidentally took her briefcase from the scene, and while returning it, strikes up a romance with her.  The fling is brief, but intense.

Lianne, Keith's ex-wife, runs an Alzheimer's writing group.  She has come to rely on the group's weekly meetings for her own sanity.  As the group falls apart, so does she.

Lianne also begins to find herself seeing the Falling Man several times in the city.  He is a performance artist who depicts falling while dressed as a businessman.  

Falling Man is an understated, beautiful piece of writing on an incredibly difficult and delicate subject.  DeLillo uses a narrative that is slightly piecemeal and disjointed, but works perfectly with the situation that the characters are facing.

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