Four on Thursday

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas!

I hope your shopping is done, your recipes are planned, and your booze is aplenty.


I've had some home-ware type stuff on here lately.  I think when you start wanting to dress your home like you dress yourself, that means you're a grown-up or something.  Anyway, this blanket is warm, soft, and seasonally appropriate.  Use it as a throw on your couch or maybe even as a Christmas tree skirt.


The chances of me actually serving something on this tray are slim to none.  Much more likely is me using it as a base to display my jewelry/makeup/flowers and books.  I'd plop this on my coffee table or on top of my bar just for a little glam organization.


I live in sweater dresses during this weather.  They keep you warm, look like you're trying much harder than you actually are, and are trendy as hell right now.  I love the rugby-style stripe of this dress and its casual vibe.


This is the single-most expensive thing I've ever seen at Forever 21.  And honestly, I don't know if I could really bring myself to spend this much money on one item at Forever 21.  But, it's gorgeous.  And a perfect holiday dress.  Specifically, I'm thinking New Year's Eve, but it would also work for Christmas parties or for the Gatsby themed party you've always wanted to throw.

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