Friday's Fancies: Sparkle & Shine

This is my last weekend in DC before I head home for Christmas and it's jam-packed.

I'm heading to a concert tonight, brunch tomorrow, a booze exchange holiday party, Sunday brunch for a friend's birthday, and allegedly, the first game of our winter soccer season.  I wouldn't mind if the weather cancelled it, and it looks somewhat likely that might happen.

Hope your weekends are just as festive!

Friday's Fancies: Sparkle & Shine

Friday's Fancies: Sparkle & Shine by smartificial featuring black pumps

Sparkle and shine?  Sure, why not?

This is my ideal New Year's Eve outfit this year.  It, well an iteration of it, is slowly coming together.

Sequin leggings are just fun, right?  I added a tuxedo blazer and touches of gold for a fancy schmancy finish.

Ya dig?

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