Four on Thursday

I've been doing this whole "meal-planning" thing and it's legit.  I go into the grocery store actually knowing what we need.  And then I buy those things and make them into dinners according to a list on my fridge.

This officially makes me an old person, but whatever.  Do you have pulled pork cooking in your crock-pot right now?  Didn't think so.


Never met a cowlneck I didn't like.  I love the bright color in this sweater, but it comes in five other colors if something else is more up your alley.


My Calvin Klein OTK boots are super comfortable and great quality, so I think/hope these ones would be too.  I also like the fact that they're kind of a non-color, if that makes any sense.  


I bought Zella Live-In leggings and have been wearing them constantly with a rotation of comfy tops.  I'd seriously like to add this pullover to my rotation.  How cozy does it look?  Answer: very, very cozy.


If you're still sticking to your fitness resolution, you probably need cute workout gear.  I like the coloring in this half-zip and that it'll keep me warm for these last few months of winter.

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