Friday's Fancies: New Year, New You {Part Deux}

I'm about to drop some knowledge on you:  It's cold.

My plans for the weekend are avoiding any and all social events so that I can stay warm at home.

Pajamas and Netflix for the next two days sound pretty great.

Friday's Fancies: New Year, New You Part Deux

Friday's Fancies: New Year, New You Part Deux by smartificial featuring an adidas activewear

Friday's Fancies switched things up a bit and is doing one theme a month now instead of every week.  The first time around I talked about what I'd like my wardrobe to be for this new year, but this time I thought I'd tackle something else.  Fitness.  Ew, I know.

I hate working out.  There are so many other things I'd rather do.  Most of those things involve eating, so you can see my problem there.

However, now that I'm pushing 30 (is 28 pushing 30?  Close enough, right?), I have a better understanding of my body and how and when it works best.  Much to my chagrin, I feel better when I'm on a regular workout schedule.

One thing that does make workouts better, and it's science, so trust me on this, is workout gear that you're excited to put on.  I'm usually either running or doing yoga, so I like good basics like leggings, supportive sports bras, and bright sneakers.

You can also wear this stuff to brunch it's so cute, and people will assume you're a badass marathon runner.

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  1. Yes. Working out. Boo. But necessary.

    But let's talk about Netflix for a sec. I love your taste in books and clothes so maybe you'd consider a post on TV and movies?

    BTW, saw Her. If you haven't seen it, I think you'd like it.

  2. So funny you brought this up. I've been toying with the idea of doing movie/tv show blurbs or reviews. For some reason, I feel less qualified to do this with those mediums than I do with books, which I realize makes zero sense.

    I also tend to watch movies and tv shows after they're completed their run. Right now, my Netflix tv shows I'm watching are Fringe, Damages, and Breaking Bad. So who wants to read about those after the fact? But maybe... it's an idea I'm always playing with, so maybe someday soon!

    And yes, I haven't seen Her yet, but I have a very special place in my heart for all things Spike Jonze and just think I would love it. It's on the list.


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