For Your (Weekend) Consideration

The sweetest eulogy of a man who truly brought so much joy to so many people.

What would happen if we stopped putting women in jail?

I hate GPS, so I love London's The Knowledge.

Anti-abortion laws, like many recently passed in some states, are dangerous to all pregnant women, not only those seeking abortions.  

Mommy Dearest?

I don't understand why people would have security cameras in their home, but if you do, change the password on it.

The mass sterilization of women taking place in India right now is horrendous.

An easy-to-understand explanation of net neutrality (plus a take-down of Ted Cruz).

The racial undertones of Kim Kardashian's Paper cover.

More art history women being amazing.

Finally, Geena Davis is a national treasure.

Have a fantastic weekend!  I'll be at Thread at Union Market, so let me know if you stop by!


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