Four on Thursday

1 //  It's cold out, so my choices of bottoms get limited.  Black tights, black pants, black denim.  Rinse and repeat.  Yes, these pants are black, but they also have a pattern to them and something other than my typical fitted shape.  They would be a nice addition to an otherwise stagnant uniform.

2 //  It's safe to say that I'm hooked on DvF.  Her dresses are just perfect.  They fit me well and are flattering.  This red and white dotted one would be perfect for the holiday season with tights and a tuxedo blazer and then again in warmer weather with cute flats.  Am I paying more for a label?  Certainly.  But I consider her designs worth it.

3 //  Colder weather also has me staring longingly at my LL Bean catalog.  Cozy knits, warm fleeces, and Bean boots.  This pullover caught me eye because it's striped (can't get enough) and it would be a great layering piece.  Available in 5 other colors, too.

4 //It's officially coat season, even if it was 70 degrees earlier this week.  January is usually when I buy my annual coat (prices are insanely cheap them), but this one has made my shortlist.  I like the pattern, as well as the faux leather detailing.  If it's warm, it's definitely a winner.


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