Four on Thursday

Oh, this has been a week.  Two more days and I'm off to New England!  Where it will most likely be frigid, just like it has been here all week.  So let's look at some pieces to keep me warm!

1 //  It's been cold lately.  Like, January cold.  Also, I recently realized that I have no neutral coats.  Hence, this herringbone blanket coat.  Warm and neutral.  And only $150.  Wrap coats are big this year and I can see the appeal.

2 //  Ultimate. Chunky. Cardigan.  Have there been three more perfect words?  Comes in 4 colors, looks cozy as hell, and is less then $40.  And pockets!

3 //  My feet need to stay warm too, so the ankle-bearing flats are put away for the time being.  Brown ankle boots are still on my wishlist because I haven't found the right pair yet.  These by Cole Haan may be the next trial.  They're a great color, a stacked heel, and a good price.

4 //  Zara is one of those stores I forget about and then wander in there one day and want everything.  This dress included.  Long(ish) sleeves and a high neck make this perpetually freezing girl very happy.  


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