Four on Thursday

This has been quite the week.  I had one cavity filled yesterday and am going to have a second filled tomorrow.  Hooray! Clean your teeth, kiddos.

Now that it's November, I'm counting down the days until I fly home for Thanksgiving.  I'm going to my very first bat mitzvah, Thanksgiving Eve festivities (of course), Thanksgiving itself, and my 10-year high school reunion, so it's going to be a very busy week.  I should probably start packing now.

1 //Give me all of the cozy knits!  They're seriously all I've been wearing.  Yesterday, today, tomorrow, probably right on through until April.  Please don't remind me how far off that is.  This knit is a turtleneck (yes!), comes in three great neutral shades, and is perfect for layering.

2 //  Ob-sessed.  I can see it now: I obsess over this dress for months, it finally goes on sale, I go back and forth, should I, shouldn't I, it goes a littttle bit more on sale, I buy it, and then I'm disappointed.  Or maybe it's great!  Either way, right now I'm in obsession mode and you can't tell me otherwise.  Great cut, gorgeous print, long sleeves?  Yes.

3 //  It's holiday party season.  Snuck up on ya, didn't it?  Amidst all those boring black dresses and over the top sequins, this red dress would be perfect.  The wrap top is beautiful and I like the slightly longer than average short sleeves.

4 //  It's getting chilly out there and you need to be layering, even in your workout gear.  Even if it's just for going to and from, layer up.  I'd throw this over a workout tank and maybe under a fleece or running jacket.  It looks like a great middle layer.


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