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Oops.  Too much shopping for myself and not enough shopping for the people on my Christmas list.  Luckily, I ended up with some good stuff, and with some money back to get down to the real holiday shopping!

Recent Purchases 11.12.14

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 [1]  I've been looking for some form of faux or real leather pants or leggings or coated denim for what feels like forever.  It's really just since last fall.  I was hoping that these coated jeans from James Jeans would be the ones, but they weren't quite right.  While the fit was great (reminder: try more James Jeans), the fabric was thin and had a sheen to it that made them look cheap.  If anyone has suggestions for a matte coated denim, send them my way.  Result: Returned.

[2]  I can't say enough about these heels.  They're stylish, on trend, and incredibly comfortable.  The first time I tried them on, I would've sworn they were flats.  I made a promise to myself this year that I would stop buying heels that I couldn't walk in and it's been mostly good.  This pair certainly fits that criteria and they'll likely become a major staple, as soon as my ankle heals and I can wear heels again!  Result: Kept.

[3]  How adorable do these booties look?  Yeah, I thought so too.  And then they came and I was incredibly excited to try them on and I couldn't even get them on my foot.  The opening was didn't seem particularly small, but I couldn't even wiggle my super narrow foot in there.  A pull tab on the back might have been helpful, but the ones on the sides didn't do anything for me.  So, while I assume these would in fact be adorable on, I couldn't even get that far.  Result: Returned.

[4] Turtlenecks get a bad rep and I really don't know why.  They are a great layering piece, especially if you just need that little extra bit of warmth.  This one is a great addition to my closet.  It's very red, so I've got to style it in a way that tones it down a bit and doesn't leave me looking like one of the NPR ladies from SNL, but this one is a keeper.  Result: Kept.

[5] Yes, this is basically the same as the turtleneck we just walked about, except it's striped, which you know is my thing.  Naturally, I've already worn it.  The stripes are very me and fun to style.  Result: Kept.

[6]  Perfect brown booties are all I want.  It's becoming a bit of a challenge.  While this pair looked great, was a good price, and the leather was gorgeous, they just didn't fit right.  They were too big, with my feet sliding around inside them.  Also, I could tell almost immediately after putting them on that they wouldn't be comfortable for any decent amount of time.  I've had the same problem with Pour La Victoire shoes before, so should've known better.  Back to the drawing board.  Result: Returned.


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