Four on Thursday

Tonight, I'm headed to a work event of DT's.  However, this is no ordinary, boring work's the Taste of Vermont!  Basically, all the best food and beverage vendors from the happiest state in the union descend on DC and I eat and drink all of my favorite things from college, all while getting awesome swag from Cabot Cheese.  It's my favorite day of the year.

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 // The perfect maxi dress is like a unicorn.  Impossible to find, potentially because it doesn't exist.  I'm still on the hunt though, and this striped version from Forever 21 caught my eye.  It looks great online, is striped (major plus), has a cutout in the back (the better to feel the breeze), and is basically free.  I may be stopping in soon to try this baby on.

2 // Ahh, the illusive black jumpsuit.  I want one, but I have no idea if I'll actually wear it. This cami number from Old Navy looks like a great starting point.  The price is awesome.  I'm not crazy about the buttons, but maybe they could be taken off.

3 //  Theory is one of my favorite brands.  Everything I own from them is a staple and gets tons of wear.  This striped blouse looks like it would be no exception.  The low-cut sides are a nice detail.  And again, stripes.  I'm ready for you, summer.

4 //  My shorts collection needs some sprucing up.  These cute linen shorts might just make the cut (when they go on sale).  I love the embroidered pattern at the hem and there's even a matching tunic!


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