Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases

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[1] LL Bean Signature Knit Maxi Dress -  Well, considering you already saw me wearing it this week, it's safe to assume that this one is a winner.  My maxi dress hunt took me lots of different places, but I should have started at my old standby.  LL Bean continues to make the best quality pieces, and their Signature Line is more modern and stylish than you might expect.  This dress is incredibly comfortable.  The material is so soft and has some stretch to it.  Also, I wore it to Mount Vernon's Wine Festival and at the very first booth, the server managed to get red wine on me, right on a white stripe.  I doused the stain in white wine (glad it was so handy!) and one trip to the washing machine later, the stain was gone, so this dress has serious staying power, too.  Result: Kept

[2] Lo & Sons Catalina Tote - Back in my first Needful Things post, I discussed how I was in need of a weekend bag for all my summer travel.  When I saw that the Lo & Sons Catalina Tote was 20% off, I scooped it up, hoping the the best.  First, the good: it was huge.  Like, enormous.  It definitely would have fit everything I needed, including shoes, for probably a week-long trip.  And the extra bottom compartment was a great touch.  But, the bad: It's canvas, and not the sturdy LL Bean canvas I'm used to.  Even when it arrived, it already had a few spots where the canvas was pulling.  Also, the dove gray color I ordered, while beautiful, would just absorb all of the dirt around it.  It would've been filthy within a week.  So while I'm not turned off by Lo & Sons, I did have to send this bag back.  Result: Returned

[3] Cole Haan Cassidy Booties - I've been lusting after Rag & Bone's Newbury booties for a long time now, a couple of years.  But upwards of $500 for a pair of boots is just not a commitment I was ready to make (they're actually on sale for $265 right now, but my point remains).  When I saw these Cole Haan booties, on sale, I snagged them.  Nordstrom has the best return policy, so I knew if they didn't work, it would be easy to send them back.  They came and I wore them around my office all day.  They were comfortable.  Really comfortable.  The color was a little more orange than I expected, but it's grown on me.  They're not my dream booties, but they are pretty damn close.  And for real nubuck leather, comfort, and style, they're the best deal I've found.  And accordingly, they're now sold out.  Result: Kept. (Sold out, but similar here.)


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