For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Exhaustion is the main word that comes to mind.  We've had a huge project at work this week that finally went out the door this morning.  And I'm getting back on the workout wagon after a few (well-earned) days off.  And now it's dark when I leave work and that's just depressing.  So much positivity around here!

Duke, November 2013

Movies about women do better at the box office than movies about men.  

Women fighting for better sex education in Myanmar are receiving death threats from Buddhist monks.  What?

Supreme Court Justice women get their very own well-deserved portrait.

Paul Ryan sleeps in his office.  Isn't that government subsidized housing?

You haven't lived until you've heard David Attenborough narrate Adele's "Hello" music video.

A letter to his younger self about how he is not entitled to women's bodies.

Donald Trump speaks at a third grade level.  Is anyone surprised by this?

Why, no matter what a woman's accomplishments, do we still ask about her reproductive activity?

Related: why do people feel so compelled to tell pregnant women what to eat?

Can Justin Trudeau just be in charge of America too?


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