Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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[1] H&M Knit Sweater - Tried it on, loved it, wore it (post coming next week!).  Result: Kept.

[2] Ann Taylor Long Sleeveless Cardigan - This was a close one.  I liked it, but I didn't love it.  The shape was good, it draped nicely, and it was cozy without totally overwhelming my figure.  All that said, it just wasn't perfect. Result: Returned.

[3] Ann Taylor Striped Halter Maxi Dress - So I'd basically been eyeing this dress for the better part of six months and when it went on sale, plus an additional 50% off, even that dreaded "Final Sale" sticker wasn't stopping me.  This dress is basically the entire reason for all of these Ann Taylor purchases.  I love it, will probably get it tailored slightly, and then plan to wear nothing else all summer.  Sold out (similar here or here).  Result: Kept.

[4] Ann Taylor Plaid Blanket Scarf - This is definitely more blanket than scarf and that's why I think I love it so much.  It's so, so warm.  And also so, so fun to wrap myself up in.  Result: Kept.

[5] Ann Taylor Belted Cape - This looks so good in photos!  And so terrible in person!  First off, it's incredibly thin, you don't have any warmth whatsoever.  Secondly, it's completely shapeless, even with the belt.  Third, it made me look enormous.  This was a no-go.  Result: Returned.


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