For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Long week all around.  

I did manage to go get a haircut last night.  

It had only been since April, but who's counting?  

And now it looks awesome and was styled so well that I'm trying to strategically not wash my hair all weekend so I can show it off.  Go see Mary Beth at PR @ Partners on K St if you need a stylist!

Here's hoping I have a lazy evening tonight.  Tomorrow is pretty full with spin class and a afternoon party that I just know will go well into the evening (and likely the next morning).  

Berlin, December 2006

Ever wanted to be woken up by a dude with a  hot foreign accent?  Now you can!

Shia LeBeouf is watching all of his movies in reverse chronological order.  Here's how that went.

The best brewery road trip.

I like Aziz Ansari.

I bought DT In The Heart of the Sea for Christmas last year and then of course read it myself and loved it.  Very excited for the movie, especially since Ron Howard is directing.

Yes, it's #basic, but I love these Kate Spade videos with Anna Kendrick.

Why do childcare workers make so little when childcare is so expensive?

These women kick ass (even though they shouldn't have to and privately funding the testing of rape kits should not have to become the norm).

Finally, want. this. coat.

Have a great weekend!


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