Smart Gift Guide: For the Fitness Junkie

Monday after Thanksgiving, woof.

Although there are one million great shopping deals to be had, so I suggest that's how you spend your workday.

My Thanksgiving was great, right up until Thanksgiving morning, when I woke up with a nasty stomach bug that has basically kept me out of commission since then.  Do you know how depressing it is not to be able to eat on the best eating day of the year?

Anyway, focusing on fitness seems silly right now considering I'm almost too weak to sit at my desk, but fitness is what my editorial calendar says, so let's get to it.

Smart Gift Guide: For the Fitness Junkie
Headband - Sneakers - Gym Tote - Cookbook - Yoga Mat - Workout Leggings - FitBit - Croquet Set - Gym Bag

Other ideas: a gift card to their workout studio of choice (hint hint: I go to Biker Barre and Yoga District), a sick running playlist, socks, dry shampoo, a water bottle, jump rope.


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