Cabin Life

It was so easy to get comfortable with cabin living during our New Year's weekend trip.  A slower pace of life and getting in the outdoors was exactly what I needed after a crazy holiday season.

Our ski house came complete with a cat!  Well, not quite, but there was a neighborhood cat that hung out on our deck for most of the time we were there, trying to sneak into the house.  Maybe we shouldn't have fed him some leftover ham...

Mittens and I got along swimmingly.

We managed a group photo with the self-timer!
Jacket: Barbour (similar here or here); Leggings: AthletaSneakers: Nike; Beanie: Athleta; Shades: Ray Ban

This hammock was the perfect spot for lounging.

And if you bet that this outdoor fire pit was used, you would be right.  Although, only the boys ventured out to it.  Us girls were content hanging out in front of the fireplace inside the house.

What really makes a lazy weekend in a cabin?  A puzzle!  A 500-piece doozy of Amsterdam, complete with bicycles, a canal, and so many flowers.  While it took us awhile (and we thought we lost one of the corner pieces), we eventually finished our masterpiece.

DT and I had the lofted master bedroom, which had the luxury of looking down on all of the action and also having a sliding screen if we needed privacy.  On our last night, we stayed up late grazing, watching The Revenant, and drinking the last of the wine.  Leaving was not going to be easy.


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