For Your (Weekend) Consideration

I hope you're prepared for Winter Storm Jonas!  DT and I have a pretty good stockpile of food, booze, and tv to watch, so we'll be good.  And when we get cabin fever, I have faith that our local bars will welcome us with open arms.

Stay warm and safe out there!
SMC, February 2008
Picture stolen from Kelsey!

Dave Holmes is my favorite and has been ever since the travesty that was the MTV Wanna Be A VJ contest that he very unfairly lost to that absurd Jesse dude.  I'll never forgive my generation for that.  This is why Trump is leading in the polls, you guys!  Anywayyy, this Twitter story of him grifting some terrible grifters is a thing of magic.

New York City bachelors hit 40 and realize that they might want to get married and have kids.  

MLK doesn't belong to you.

If you need a Valentine's Day card, look no further.  Dean + Jerry 4eva. (Side note: We've watched 9 of the 10 episodes of Making a Murderer and I'm still not sure what I'm watching.  Too many questions, not enough answers.)

When all else fails, you've watched all the tv, you've eaten all the comfort food, you're almost out of wine, I highly suggest putting on some tunes and having a Soul Train style line dance party.  I will 100% be stealing some of these moves.


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