The Weekly Wishlist

This seems like a good week to focus on bundling up.

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Glamorous Grizzly Faux Fut Coat via Asos, on sale $83 - Why not add some drama to your look with a baller faux fur coat?  

Ray Ban New Wayfarer Flash, $150 - Speaking of ballers, I'm getting the itch for some new Ray Bans and these bluish-green tinted lenses are pretty sweet.

Matty M Herringbone Print Faux Fur Topper via Nordstrom, on sale $46.90 - Another faux fur topper, but with a cool print added.

Rebecca Minkoff Bass Merino Wool-Blend Dress via The Outnet, on sale $108.90 - A great and warm dress.  Add tights, booties, and a necklace.  Go.

Banana Republic Oversized Turtleneck Sweater, on sale $69.99 plus 50% off at checkout - My favorite words : oversized turtleneck.  Also in blush and orange.

Lands' End Furry Textured Vest, on sale $58.97 - A coat too much for you?  Try a vest!  Keep it neutral in black or add some punch with the baby blue version.

LL Bean Cotton Ragg Camp Socks - Two Pack, $19.95 - Socks!  My winter sock collection is somewhat out of control.  They keep your tootsies warm and can jazz up those basic black tights you're already sick of.

BB Dakota Chris Blanket Coat via Shopbop, on sale $80 - We've done the blanket scarf, so the obvious next stage is the blanket coat.  It's essentially a better fitted Snuggie.  That's a compliment.


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