For Your (Weekend) Consideration

We've had a week of this brand new year to get organized, gather our thoughts, and really think about the changes we want to make.  At least, that's what I did.  Some people can jump right in, but I need time to sort through my ideas and focus on what I want to get out of myself.  And so, some things I want to do in 2016 (be warned, these are not exciting):
  • Find a primary care physician (the excitement begins already!) - I'm not going to tell you how long it's been since I had a physical because it's bad.  Worse than that.  Nope, worse.  Long story short, I need to cross this off my to-do list.
  • Learn to use the manual setting on my camera - DT takes my outfit photos and while he has gotten the hang of manual, I don't use my own camera enough to have quite figured it out yet.  You may have noticed from my New Year's Eve posts that I'm sort of trying to change things up a bit here and come from more of a story-telling place.  Instead of "Hey, this is me wearing my clothes standing in front of a wall", I want something more like "Hey, this is me wearing my clothes doing the actual cool things I did while wearing them!"  That means more pictures without me in them, hopefully taken by me!  This will be a process and the pictures will not be perfect, so please bear with me.
  • Entertain at home - We so rarely have people over and I'd like to change that.  Hopefully, when we buy our new couch very soon, that will help because we'll have room for people to sit and congregate and chat and eat and all that good stuff.  Even if it's just having a friend over for dinner, I want to open our home up more.
  • Have a travel mindset - While I do have some travel planned for 2016, it's mostly for weddings.  I'll be heading to some new and exciting places (Martha's Vineyard and St. Maarten!), I'll also be home in New England (I know the Vineyard is in New England, but I've never been there before) pretty often.  Whether I'm in my own childhood backyard or just staying home in DC, I want to try and explore new places I haven't been to before.  Consider me a tourist in my own city.
With all that said, let's move onto stuff that isn't about me because all of this sharing is making me uncomfortable.

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