New Year's Eve 2016

New Year's Eve: The Night That Almost Always Disappoints.

Too cynical?  Probably.  I've actually always had fun on NYE.

There is always so much anticipation and hype surrounding the last night of the year.  Shelling out hundreds of dollars for the perfect sparkly dress and an open bar party never quite seems worth it.  

What's the solution?

Grab some friends, an obscene amount of food, two cases of wine, and hole up in a cabin in the woods where sweatpants are the only obligation.

Make yourselves a cheeseboard right on the table, complete with pepper jelly.

Add some antlers for that rustic look.

Don't forget your drinking buddies, Brad and Chad!

Everybody wants to hang out!

Then you can set the table for a delicious meal that you all made together and crack open a few more bottles of wine to toast the new year

And finally, settle down in front of the roaring fire, thinking how this is the perfect way to celebrate.


  1. I need those drinking buddies! Hilarious!!
    And it looks like such a cozy night in! <3



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